Rescuers seek owner of hamster carried home by cat

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Date: January 26th, 2019

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catAnimal rescuers in Wales said they are searching for the owner of a hamster that had a lucky escape when it was dragged home by a cat.

The RSPCA said personnel were sent to a Cardiff home Thursday when the owner called to report their cat had brought a fluffy white hamster into the house.

The Grangetown neighborhood resident was able to rescue the hamster from the feline and found the non-native rodent was uninjured.

“It must have been a huge shock for the cat’s owner to see their pet bring a hamster into the house!” RSPCA Inspector Gemma Black said. “Thankfully, the poor thing was unhurt by the ordeal, and is now safely in RSPCA care.

“We’d love to find the owner of this white fluffy hamster, with a gray face,” she said. “It seems very possible this hamster escaped from a nearby property in the Grangetown area and was then caught by the cat.”

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