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Drunk sleeps in car wash, run over twice

Posted By Staff

Date: July 31st, 2011

Category: Nutty News

car-washNutty News Lakeland, Florida – Authorities say a homeless man was sleeping in a Lakeland gas station carwash when a truck ran over his legs. Police say 59-year-old John Tyer went into the carwash to get out of the rain. He told an emergency responder that he had been drinking earlier that day. Later that afternoon, police say 32-year-old Paul Stiles drove his 2005 Dodge Ram into the carwash and ran over Tyer’s legs. Stiles told police he initially thought it was part of the mechanism that triggers the carwash. When he realized it was a person, he put the truck in reverse and ran over Tyer again.  More

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