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US Airways Flight attendant refused to hang up Army Ranger’s uniform jacket

Posted By Staff

Date: October 12th, 2014

Category: Just Wrong

marleUS Airways has apologized after a flight attendant reportedly refused to hang an Army Ranger’s uniform jacket in the aircraft’s closet.

WSOC-TV reported that First Sgt. Albert Marle was boarding US Airways Flight 1930 between Portland, Ore. and Charlotte Thursday when he asked the attendant if she could hang up his jacket to keep it from wrinkling.

The flight attendant refused, claiming that the closet was for first-class passengers only.

The station reported that Marle took his seat, declining offers to swap places with first-class passengers.  More

2 U.S. Airways flights have problems before landing in Charlotte, N.C.

Man Climbs Out Of Grate, Throws Smoke Bombs In Greenwich Village Restaurant

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Dog Poop Forces Philly-Bound Flight to Make Emergency Landing

Posted By Staff

Date: May 30th, 2014

Category: Bizarre, Nutty News

airwaysKansas City, Missour – Dog poop forced an emergency landing, according to passengers aboard US Airways Flight 598 from Los Angeles to Philadelphia.

Passengers said that the large dog went to the bathroom in the plane’s aisle as many as three times, making people nearby physically ill.

“The second time after the dog pooped they ran out of paper towels, they didn’t have anything else. The pilot comes on the radio, ‘Hey, we have a situation in the back, we’re going to have to emergency land,’” passenger Steve McCall told Inside Edition.

The plane was diverted to Kansas City, Missouri, where a cleaning crew cleaned the messes, before eventually making its way to Philadelphia, according to passengers.  More

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Co-pilots not necessary – Let flight attendants land the planes

Posted By Staff

Date: September 7th, 2010

Category: Nutty News

michael-olearyNutty News – The outspoken head of budget carrier Ryanair says co-pilots are not necessary on passenger planes and could be eliminated to save money. “Why does every plane have two pilots? Really, you only need one pilot,” says Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary. “Let’s take out the second pilot. Let the bloody computer fly it.” He goes on to say a fight attendant on each plane could be trained to help with landing, in case something goes wrong.  More…

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Woman Kicked Off Flight After Accusing Pilot of Drinking

Posted By Staff

Date: August 4th, 2010

Category: Nutty News

delta1Georgia – A Southern California woman is kicked off a Delta Airlines flight after reporting that she smelled alcohol on the pilot’s breath. Cynthia Angel said the captain spoke to her and the three other passengers. After he walked away, said Angel, another passenger asked if they had smelled alcohol on the pilot’s breath. Angel said she volunteered to talk with the head flight attendant once aboard the plane.  Full Article